Training Overview

Classes and lessons are taught around the 3 phase concept. First teach the skill, then practice that skill. Finally, evaluate how the skill was executed and what is needed to perfect the skill. This 3 phase cycle is continuous between the instructor and student.

To accomplish this I will cover a wide range of topics for a responsible armed citizen.

Private Lessons

2 HR – $80/person

1 or 2 persons, tailored to the individual’s needs. This may include selecting a handgun, gun safety, shooting fundamentals and advance skills.

Group Lesson

2/2.5 HR – Contact for price

3 or more persons and maybe eligible for a discount off total price. The lessons range from the new gun owner to the experienced shooter.

Fundamentals of Pistol Skills

5HR – $120

Covering gun safety on range, stance, grip, trigger control, aiming and breathing control. This will include dry-fire and live training.

Concealed Carry Fundamentals

6 HR – $130

Take all range fundamentals and apply the art of being armed while in daily life.

Master the Mechanics

6 HR – $130

Applying the defensive combat mindset. Be able to shoot, move and think under stress. Engage multiple targets and different shooting positions.

Situational Awareness

3 HR – $25

How to become a hard target. Focuses mindset on how to avoid and escape so you don’t have to defend with firearm. This is a lecture class, no live fire.

First-Aid Gunshot Trauma

3 HR – $60

Be able to save a life of loved one or innocent persons of a critical situation, providing skills that increase victim’s chance of survival until emergency personnel arrive.

Use of Deadly Force

3 HR – Price varies

As it applies to the PA resident. Given from attorneys who represent firearm use cases.

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